Section 77

Administrative arrangements – Nomination of address for service of documents

To assist communications between the Insurance Monitor and insurance industry participants, the Monitor seeks to put in place arrangements to deliver/serve correspondence electronically, to an email address nominated for that purpose by each person.

In order to facilitate electronic communications, each company’s authorised and identified officer or agent is asked to complete and return the ‘nomination of address for service’ form, attached below.  

Amendments to details previously provided to the Insurance Monitor can also be made by resubmitting an updated version of the nomination form.

Once the form has been received by the Insurance Monitor, future correspondence from the Monitor’s office and all other documents, authorised or required by the Act, including statutory notices will be given or served on the company, in PDF, delivered through email to the address, or addresses, nominated by the company for that purpose.

The Insurance Monitor agrees to receive documents from companies under similar arrangements.  The email address to be used for such correspondence is:


Nomination of address form

Form for nomination of address for service. PDF & word version attached.

pdf       word

 Nomination of address for service form  [Pdf size: 140 KB]