The Emergency Services Levy Insurance Monitor (ESLIM) is an independent statutory authority, formally established in June 2016. Under section 11 of the Emergency Services Levy Insurance Monitor Act 2016 (the Act) the Monitor is required to provide the Treasurer with a quarterly report on the performance of the functions of the Monitor, within 28 days after the end of each quarter. As soon as practicable after receiving the report, the Treasurer has the obligation to publish the report.  This obligation is met with the publication of the quarterly reports on the Monitor's website.

Other reports

Discussion Paper: Pricing differences: New vs existing customers

Through its price monitoring of ten major insurance companies, the Insurance Monitor has identified a difference in premium prices charged to new customers compared with customers who renew their combined home and contents insurance policies with their existing insurer.

The attached discussion paper aims to assist in promoting informed discussion around the findings of the Monitor's study and seek feedback from interested parties, including the general public.

The consultation has now closed.


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Submissions may be viewed here.

Big Data - Occasional paper

The use of 'Big Data' has potential to change many aspects of the insurance industry.  The Insurance Monitor has issued this paper to explore issues around the use of Big Data in the general insurance industry in NSW and more widely.

Submissions have now closed.

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Insurance Premium Survey

The Insurance Monitor has been monitoring home and contents insurance premiums from 12 insurance brands on a monthly basis since October 2016.

Survey results are available on this website.

Public Inquiry report

The Monitor held a Public Inquiry into matters relating to prohibited conduct in the insurance industry in May 2017. The following report summarises and provides a public record of responses made during the Inquiry.