Public Inquiry

The Emergency Services Levy Insurance Monitors, Prof. Allan Fels AO (Monitor) and Prof. David Cousins AM (Deputy Monitor), held a Public Inquiry into matters relating to prohibited conduct in the insurance industry on 16 May 2017 in Sydney. 

Issues explored at the public inquiry included:

  • The basis upon which insurance companies are determining insurance premiums for regulated contracts of insurance in the period leading in to and following the abolition of the ESL
  • How insurance companies are intending to ensure that the benefits of the removal of ESL are fully passed on to policyholders
  • How insurance companies are intending to communicate the effect of changes to insurance premiums and the ESL to policyholders.

Following the Inquiry, the NSW Government announced that the introduction of the FESL would be deferred and the insurance based system of funding emergency services would be reinstated. Notwithstanding the deferral, the evidence provided at the Inquiry and the submissions of other interested parties provided remain relevant. 

Information relating to the Public Inquiry including a transcript of the day’s events, video recordings of each witness presentation and a report summarising the Monitor’s findings is provided below.


Public Inquiry Information

Watch the Inquiry (recording) & transcript

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Read transcript of the Inquiry [Pdf size: 336KB]

Public Inquiry - Issues Paper & Summary Report

An Issues Paper was released by the Insurance Monitor to guide discussion on a range of matters that it wished to explore at the public hearing.  The Insurance Monitor invited interested parties to provide written submissions addressing the matters discussed in the Issues Paper.  

Issues Paper [Pdf size: 598KB]

Following the Inquiry, the Insurance Monitor has prepared a report that summarises and provides a public record of responses made during the Inquiry.

Summary of the Public Inquiry [ Pdf size:407 KB]

Submissions received

Submissions received:

Insurance Council of Australia [ Pdf size: 575kB]

Financial Rights Legal Centre [ Pdf size: 1.02MB]

Consumer Action Law Centre [ Pdf size: 95 kB]

Allianz [Pdf size: 130 KB]

CIL [Pdf size:230 KB]

IAG [Pdf size:1.85MB]

QBE [Pdf size:215KB]

Suncorp [Pdf size:905KB]


The Agenda for the 16 May 2017 Public Inquiry.