The Insurance Monitor was put in place to protect policyholders and oversee Emergency Services Levy (ESL) reform.

The planned reform, which would have seen ESL removed from insurance policies and added to council rates, has been deferred and insurance companies are continuing to charge ESL on property insurance policies.  

The Insurance Monitor has the important task of ensuring insurance companies do not seek to recover more ESL from policyholders than they must provide to the NSW Government to fund the State's fire and emergency services.  

If you are concerned about the level of ESL you have been charged or have experienced an unreasonably high increase in the base premium (i.e. the premium before ESL, GST and stamp duty are added), ask your insurer to explain the changes in the first instance, or seek a quote from another insurer.

In our experience, overall premiums including the ESL charges vary greatly between insurers for similar policies.

If after having contacted your insurance provider you would like to register a concern or complaint please contact us.