The Insurance Monitor was put in place to protect policyholders and oversee Emergency Services Levy (ESL) reform.

The planned reform, which would have seen ESL removed from insurance policies and added to council rates, has been deferred and insurance companies may continue to charge ESL on property insurance policies.

Key functions of the Insurance Monitor include:

  • Ensuring insurance companies do not recover more ESL from policyholders than they are required to pay to the NSW Government to fund the State's fire and emergency services.
  • Providing information, advice and guidance in relation to the ESL reform.
  • Monitoring premiums for insurance policies subject to ESL.
  • Receive complaints relating to prohibited conduct (price exploitation or false & misleading conduct).

Through of these functions, the Monitor has insights about the insurance industry which may assist NSW consumers when buying property insurance policies.  Some of this information is provided in this section.

A consistent finding from our research is the importance of seeking a number of quotes when taking out or renewing an insurance policy, as premium prices vary significantly from insurer to insurer for very similar levels of cover. 



Useful resources

The following websites may provide useful information to assist with your understanding and purchase of property insurance.

The Monitor has taken reasonable steps to recommend reputable websites, however,  we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content on these third party sites.