The Emergency Services Levy Insurance Monitor (ESLIM) is an independent statutory authority, formally established in June 2016. Under section 11 of the Emergency Services Levy Insurance Monitor Act 2016 (the Act) the Monitor is required to provide the Treasurer with a quarterly report on the performance of the functions of the Monitor, within 28 days after the end of each quarter. As soon as practicable after receiving the report, the Treasurer has the obligation to publish the report.  This obligation is met with the publication of the quarterly reports on the Monitor's website.


Quarterly Reports

ESLIM Report 6, quarter to 30 September 2017 [PDF size: 993KB]

ESLIM Report 5, quarter to 30 June 2017 [PDF size: 749KB]

ESLIM Report 4, quarter to 31 March 2017 [PDF size: 831KB]

ESLIM Report 3, quarter to 31 December 2016 [PDF size: 604KB]

ESLIM Report 2, quarter to 30 September 2016 [PDF size: 577KB]

ESLIM Report 1, quarter to 30 June 2016 [PDF size: 386KB]